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How many people are you liable for?

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We Take Floor Safety Seriously

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of surfaces using environmentally friendly products and high-pressure washing.

PVC Tiling & Flooring

Deep cleaning of floor surfaces using environmentally friendly products and high-pressure washing/scrubbing,

Risk Assessment

Book our assessment to prevent lawsuits and liabilities and for preventing slip accidents at your place of work.


ZOONO® Disinfection

The next generation in antibacterial technology. Protection for your people and your customers.

Anti Slip Treatments

Making any floor anti-slip using a variety of chemicals reduces downtime and the cost of changing tiles.

Anti Slip Coating

Slip proof coatings for pavements, or wheelchair access ramps, garage ramps, loading bays, and forklift areas.

European Standard

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises and recommends using floor surfaces that meet floor slip ratings (R ratings) for environments where shod feet are found and ABC ratings for wet floor conditions where bare feet are the norm. In general, a minimum of R11 is recommended on a horizontal surface but ideally, R12 is used to counteract slippage possibilities. For slopes, it is recommended that R12 and R13 surfaces are used.

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