How many people are you liable for?

Slips, trips & falls cause 15% of all accidental deaths

We Take Flooring Safety Seriously

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European Standard

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advises and recommends using floor surfaces that meet floor slip ratings (R ratings) for environments where shod feet are found and ABC ratings for wet floor conditions where bare feet are the norm. In general, a minimum of R11 is recommended on a horizontal surface but ideally, R12 is used to counteract slippage possibilities. For slopes, it is recommended that R12 and R13 surfaces are used.


Book our assessment to prevent lawsuits and liabilities and for preventing slip accidents at your place of work.

ZOONO® Disinfection

The next generation in antibacterial technology. Protection for your people and your customers.


Anti Slip

Making any floor anti-slip using a variety of chemicals reduces downtime and the cost of changing tiles.

Anti Slip

Slip proof coatings for pavements, or wheelchair access ramps, garage ramps, loading bays, and forklift areas.


Deep cleaning of surfaces using environmentally friendly products and high-pressure washing.

PVC Tiling
& Flooring

Deep cleaning of floor surfaces using environmentally friendly products and high-pressure washing/scrubbing,

Anti Slip Solutions

Anti Slip Solutions offer the service of checking the slip ratings of any floor using a proven scientific machine. A report is issued after every test and this can be used for insurance purposes or as evidence that legal requirements are being met.

In Malta as anywhere else many accidents happen when they are least expected making the need for a solution immediate and important.

It is estimated that 15 percent of the accidents reported and treated at our local hospitals and clinics are due to slips and falls and in many cases, these result in broken bones and long-term recovery. Needless to say, this would reflect in lost man-hours at work as well as discomfort and inconvenience at home.

In the EU Member States they have been identified as the main causes of accidents that result in more than 3 days absence from work.

Wet Floors

Your legal duties -
What do you know about them?

Legal Notice 44 of 2002 - The Work Place (Minimum Health and Safety Requirements) states that it is the duty of the owner/ employer to take all the necessary measures to ensure that all suitable measures are taken to render slip-proof any highly polished surfaces.

Floor Maintenance & Deep Cleaning

We offer programs and expert help with cleaning, maintaining, and restoring hard floors, ensuring that floors look good and remain compliant.

With effective cleaning and maintenance, we aim to avoid unnecessary replacement of floors, helping to reduce overall costs and additional landfills. Advanced Safety Solutions work with commercial sites of all sizes offering one-off specialist ‘deep-cleans’ or a programme of re-occurring floor maintenance, delivered by our skilled operations team.

In House Training-
Hard floor cleaning machines

We can also offer in-house training with the aim of developing a consistent cleaning programme that can be easily adopted by internal housekeepers and maintenance teams.


Jet Blasting 500
Bar Water Pressure

Hard Floor Cleaning Machines

We offer programs and expert help with cleaning, maintaining, and restoring hard floors, ensuring that floors look good and remain compliant.


Safe Kleen

A highly dilutable Multi Purpose Cleaner with a unique combination of surface active agents.

Safe Kleen was originally developed as a pre-treatment and after-care cleaning product for applications of Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment. But due to the unique combination of surface-active agents, sequestrants, and alkaline builders the product has excellent cleaning abilities for the removal of dirt, grease, oil, and grime making it a truly versatile multi-purpose cleaner for virtually all types of surfaces and materials.

Effective at high dilutions, even up to 1 to 200 parts water, hot or cold,  just 5 litres can make up to 1,000 litres of cleaning fluid. Safe Kleen is a multi-purpose cleaner – not just for floors.

Correct and thorough cleaning is an essential part of floor maintenance. If a polished or tiled floor is kept clean it significantly reduces the risk of a slip accident but if hazardous levels of dirt and contaminant ac-cumulates on the surface it potentially increases the risk of a slip occurring.


Risk Assesment

SlipAlert is the world’s best slip tester, faster and better than traditional slip testing.

SlipAlert, the British Standard slip test, is user-friendly and accurate, and guaranteed to help reduce slip injuries in your business. Don’t wait till someone slips and falls.

Got a slippery floor?

If you are worried about slippery floors, slipping accidents, or slip claims then you need SlipAlert. Contact Jenny for information.

Safer floors

A step-change in floor safety. SlipAlert is faster, easier, and more versatile than traditional slip testing. SlipAlert measures slip risk, results correlate with Pendulum Test Values (PTV) and Coefficient of Friction (CoF). SlipAlert is guaranteed to accurately assess slip risks. You can reduce slipping accidents, slip injuries and slip claims. Buy SlipAlert!

Be Proactive

The only way to be proactive is to monitor slip risk regularly. Regular testing with SlipAlert can be done by anyone on any floor. Proactive testing will tell you about the performance of your floor and about the effectiveness of cleaning and maintenance. Don’t just buy safety flooring, buy safe floors by testing the slip risk before you buy. Maintain safer floors by monitoring cleaning and maintenance. Be proactive.


Slip Risk Changes

Wear, contamination and the effects of cleaning and maintenance can significantly alter the slip resistance of your floors. Even good quality anti-slip floors can change over time. Don’t wait till someone falls to test your floors.

SlipAlert & Safer Floors

SlipAlert is one of only two British Standard floor slip test machines and the only one designed for quick and easy monitoring. Stopping slips made easy.

Designed to be easy and accurate

We design, manufacture, and sell the world’s most user-friendly slip test machine. It is designed for ease of use so that anyone can conduct your slip testing. SlipAlert delivers management information about your floors, cleaning maintenance, and changes to slip risk. We make it easy for you to manage slip risk in your business.