WALA Clip Tile - 6mm

Multipurpose High Endurance Tile

Suitable for almost every industrial area, the WALA PVC Clip Tile delivers what it promises.


Why use the 6mm Clip Tile?

  • Floating installation 

  • Waterproof

  • Resilient

  • Resistant to oil, grease and a variety of leaches

  • Chemical-resistant

  • Impact and shockproof

  • Anti-slip effect

  • Sound absorbent

  • Flame-resistant


Where Should I use the 6mm Clip Tile?

  • Stores and commercial premises

  • Offices

  • Entrance and lobby areas

  • Industrial catering premises

  • Foodstuff and chemical industries

  • Fair and showroom premises

  • Workshops

  • Basements and warehouses

  • Gyms and skiing centres

  • Hairdressing salons