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Glow in the dark tape

Glow in the Dark Tape

Power outs in the workplace increase health and safety hazards, and doing your upmost to eradicate the problems that may arise can save you and your employees a lot of hardship. Heskins produce glow in the dark tape for that very purpose, manufactured using the latest technology in photolu­min­es­cence to ensure walkways, stairways and entrances and exits are illuminated well enough for you to find your way safely.

The glow in the dark materials used to manufacture our tapes are non-toxic, and free from any phosphorous or radioactive material. Photolu­min­escent tape can take very little time to charge by absorbing artificial or natural light (approx. 2 hours) by the use of photons.­ In a lights out situation, Heskins glow in the dark tape emits a strong photolu­min­escent reaction that can illuminate stair nosings, door surrounds, walkways, stairways, skirting boards, entrance/­exit ways and anywhere else that would require strong, electricity free illu­mina­tion.

Glow in the dark antislip tape 

To ensure that our glow in the dark grip tape is highly visible and effective it possesses two separate levels of photoluminescent coatings;

  • The self-adhesive plastic base is photoluminescent.

  • The grit is held onto the film using a flexible resin; the resin is impregnated with photoluminescent, glow in the dark paste.

During the daytime glow in the dark non-slip tape appears to be a mild green shade, in darkness or any lights out scenario it emits a bright white light. Photoluminescent Safety-Grip can be charged by either natural or artificial light sources. The duration of the light emission varies according to the amount of light received. It is typically released over a period of a few hours. None of the photoluminescent materials produced by Heskins contains any radioactive products, so can be used in many environments.

Ideal for use highlighting critical areas and especially those prone to power failure.

The grit surface on our glow in the dark antislip tape is the Heskins industry-leading Safety Grip mineral coating. The level of grip is far in excess of any existing or proposed anti-slip legislation and requirement; this includes UK, EU, America or Australia. The deep grits help to prevent clogging by dirt or dust which is often present in industrial applications. Heskins tests materials using DIN, Pendulum and ASTM criteria, test certificates and approvals are available by email.

H3403X Glow in the dark anti-slip tape is available in plain roll length is 18.3m but any roll length from 3m up to 100m is feasible. Any roll width within the tolerance is possible. Die-cut custom pieces are possible in any size and shape.

Glow in the dark hazard anti slip tape

Glow in the dark hazard anti slip tape is a simple variation of our glow in the dark antislip tape. Printed chevrons on top give an extended purpose in allowing it to serve as a warning tape in any lighting condition also.

What differentiates glow in the dark hazards anti-slip tapes purpose from plan glow in the dark antislip is that the 45° chevrons applied to the surface create a product which is visible day and night. During lights out, the chevrons do not glow providing high contrast between those and the glow in the dark antislip tape to emphasise caution. Perfect for applying to walkways, stairs, fire exits and even around machinery that could be passed in low light.

Heskins photoluminescent products contain now radioactive materials, allowing their application in many environments.

Test on all materials is conducted using DIN, Pendulum and ASTM regulations. Test certificates and approvals can be obtained from us.

High-quality glow in the dark antislip tape

High-quality glow in the dark antislip tape is suitable for many applications, particularly for internal areas such as stairways and walkways which are used as specific exit routes, wherein a lights out situation, the exit is clearly indicated, even from rooms higher up in a building.

A non-abrasive anti-slip surface applied on top of glow in the dark material also allows the product to be applied in areas exposed to bare feet or water, increasing the application options, and increasing the choice for the user. By employing the features of our coarse resilient anti slip tape, areas which require strict hygiene standards can also be included, as, like our non-abrasive anti-slip tape range, high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape can also be cleaned as easily, as the lack of peaks and valleys prevent bacteria harboring, and will not damage cleaning equipment.

Tests are conducted using a TRL ( Transport Road Laboratories ) slider, and more information on Coefficient of Friction can be found here.

Heskins offer two options of high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape, H3452 premium, and H3454 super. These offer different levels of luminance, allowing you to choose cost-effective products with differing glow times to suit your needs. Both of which possess high levels of luminance which actually exceed the regulatory requirements. OSH1910 is a regulation, relying on technical information from ASTM 2072, which is the important regulation that is required to be met. ASTM 2072 stipulates that levels of luminance are required to be 30mcd/m2 ( millicandela per square meter ) and 4.4 mcd/m2 for 60 minutes. Our tech specs tab show results for both H3452 and H3454.

Both materials far exceed the required regulation, ensuring both variants perform to above the current highest standards of this present time, and will continue to for some time. High-quality glow in the dark antislip tape also exceeds DIN 67510 standards, with premium H3452 meeting class C classification, glowing for up to 1800 minutes, and super H3454 meets class A classification, glowing for up to approximately 450 minutes. Having an exit path suitable for a large, high rise building, that is efficiently lit without additional electricity is a cost-effective method of having a permanent solution. With these exceptional glow times, it makes Heskins H3452 and H3454 ideal choices for this situation.

In real-world terms, from an approximate 1.5-hour charge, H3454 can have an afterglow of between 4-6 hours and H3452 between 8 and 10 hours!

Egress tape

Egress tape is the term used to describe a smooth photoluminescent (glow in the dark) marking tape. Photoluminescent tape is constructed from a conventional self-adhesive plastic base film impregnated with photoluminescent powder. The material is charged by natural or artificial lights when the lights dim the product instantly displays a bright light.

Egress tape is most prevalent in America. America has the strictest regulations governing use; for tall buildings such as skyscrapers, it is required that photoluminescent tape is applied onto the top of skirting boards (baseboards in America). In case of fire the smoke is hot so rises to the top of the room or corridor this creates significant problems for the unfortunate inhabitants as the smoke prevents any light penetrating thus resulting in the occupiers becoming lost and disorientated in the burning building even if they are familiar with the building layout. A strip of Egress tape on top of skirting boards and around door surrounds people to crawl along walkways and see exits and access routes etc.

H8101 Photoluminescent tape is commonly used as a base in other Heskins manufactured materials including Glow Line Safety-Grip, photoluminescent Safety-Grip and dual-purpose Safety-Grip die cuts.

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