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Coarse Anti Slip Tape

Safety-Grip tape

Safety-Grip tape can be used for many other applications.­ Over the years we have constantly added to and developed the range; surface variants, more colours, different adhesives, special prints, and bespoke additions.

We produce Safety-Grip in 3 main grades;

  1. Standard – used for most situations, the abrasive coatings provide excellent levels of grip and friction.

  2. Coarse – a deeper material, it is an industrial-grade grip tape, which might not be suitable for more conventional appli­cations.

  3. X-Coarse – a unique product, nothing else in the world comes close, only suitable for industrial situations, the deep grit prevents clogging by dirt or dust. Due to its thickness, we apply a higher grade (HG) adhesive to prevent lifting, and a thicker plastic carrier is used to increase durability.


H3401 standard anti-slip tape

H3401 standard anti-slip tape is made from a fine-grade aluminium oxide, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications. The grit is a medium anti-slip abrasive coating.­ Our standard Safety-Grip is great for general anti-slip requirements possessing excellent levels of grip (measured as Coefficient of Friction). Safety-Grip is water resistant (if applied onto a non-porous surface, we do also offer a complete range of ancillaries) and has exceptional durability in external or internal areas.

Standard Safety-Grip is BS 7976:2 pendulum tested with results available on the tech specs tab.


We produce our standard Safety-Grip tape in any available colour from 19mm up to 1168mm, widths of between 10mm to 18mm on special request. Standard Safet-Grip is available off the shelf for immediate dispatch in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm rolls. Full-width logs are also available. All rolls have a stock length of 18.3 metres, and 100 metres upon request.


As H3401 standard Safety-Grip is used for general appli­cations, it is perfect for use in domestic or commercial envi­ron­ments. Standard Safety-Grip can be used for additional slip-protection on steps, to covering entire walkways.


Coarse Safety-Grip

Coarse Safety-Grip has, like the name suggests, a coarser grit on its surface than that of standard.

The grit is still the same substance, aluminium oxide; but the difference is the grit granules are larger with deeper valleys and higher peaks. A deep anti-slip coating helps to prevent clogging with dirt, dust, ice etc. A deeper grit provides great durability.

Coarse Safety-Grip is BS 7976:2 pendulum tested with results available on the tech specs tab.


Any width from 19mm up to 1168mm is possible. Widths of between 10mm and 18mm are available on special request. Sizes available off the shelf are 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm in width, as well as full-width logs. All stock sizes have a length of 18.3m.


Due to the abrasive levels that coarse Safety-Grip possesses, it is more suitable for areas exposed to constant coverage of dirt or water. Industrial or construction sites do suffer from exposure to dirt, amongst other things. The deep recesses on the surface of coarse grip tape prevent it from becoming clogged within reason, allowing it to provide adequate slip protection in demanding environments.

Extra Coarse Safety-Grip anti slip tape

Extra Coarse Safety-Grip anti slip tape is unique. It is the world’s most durable and coarsest anti-slip tape.

H3402NUC X-Coarse uses a rare and very big type of aluminium oxide granule. The grit is so heavy that it requires a special plastic film to be able to carry it without splitting. The plastic film is coated with a high tack adhesive (HG), the adhesive is designed to adhere to often difficult substrates such as low energy powder coat that are notoriously problematic for normal adhesives.


We produce X-Coarse anti-slip tape in any width from 19mm up to 1168mm, widths between 10mm and 18mm are available to special order. Extra coarse Safety-Grip tape is available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm rolls off the shelf, with a selection of die cuts available. Any size can be produced dependent on quantity; our die-cutting is accurate down to 0.1mm. All rolls are provided in a length of 18.3 metres.


H3402NUC X-Coarse Safety-Grip is designed for heavy-duty, industrial applications. The deep grit copes well with harsh conditions and heavy use. X-Coarse anti-slip tape does not readily fill with ice; the extremely deep valleys help to let fluids flow away.

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