Multi Purpose Anti-Skid Coating Systems

Crosscote Antislip Coating

Crosscote is designed to repair, protect and enhance existing structures, has good wear-resistant properties, and provides excellent slip resistance.

It has excellent adhesive characteristics and can be applied to many types of exposed structures where resistance to adverse environmental conditions and ultraviolet light is required. It is capable of accepting normal structural movement without cracking or loosening. 

Although providing good waterproofing qualities the product is micro-porous and therefore allows a cement type base to breathe, releasing entrapped water vapour therefore not creating any blisters like any floor paints.


Crosscote is available in a variety of formats allowing the correct choice of powder compound to suit individual application requirements such as Silos, viaducts, pylons, bridge structures, walkways, stadium terracing and concourses, vehicle parking decks, ramps, on pavement curbs and corners, steep areas, wheelchair ramps and much more.

This permanent solution can be applied to a variety of building materials, such as cement, bricks, metal, glass, tiles etc. We can safely say that where ever the product has been used to date, we have never received a complaint or report of any slipping accident.

Crosscote Antislip Coating - Gloss Anti Slip
Crosscote Antislip Coating - Antislip-Crosscoat Ramp
Crosscote Antislip Coating - Antislip
Crosscote Antislip Coating - Antislip Malta
Crosscote Antislip Coating - Antislip Pavement
Crosscote Antislip Coating -Antislip Ramp

In addition Cross Cote can be mixed with a variety of natural colour pigment colours (UV stable) which can be applied both on floors or walls. The product comes in a 2 part formula, that of powder and liquid which needs to be combined together to create a cream paste that can be applied with a roller on higher risk areas.

The Standard grade of powder is generally used on horizontal surfaces and is suitable for light to medium traffic, providing an excellent anti slip finish; in some situations standard grade can be used for vertical applications. The Smooth grade is generally used for vertical applications. Hard grade powder is used for applications generally involving heavy traffic movements such as driveways and car parking areas. It is advisable to use the standard grade of powder for the first or bonding coat where hard grade powder is selected as the final finish. In heavy traffic movement conditions or areas receiving high levels of abrasive use up to 3 coats of hard grade powder may be required. 

Dry or porous substrates may be damped or primed prior to application but horizontal surfaces must be free of standing water. Crosscote should not be applied where the air or background temperature is likely to fall below 7°C.Procedure: All surfaces to receive Crosscote should be free from laitance and contamination, clean and structurally sound. Crosscote may be applied by brush, roller, trowel, squeegee or airless spray. Each succeeding coat may be applied immediately the previous coat has dried. Crosscote can be finished with a variety of textures and patterns to suit individual site requirements.

Alternate Uses for Crosscoat






Stair Nosing





Metal Platforms Anti Slip

Metal Ramp

Garage Ramp

Reviving Concrete Floors
Reviving Cocrete Tiles


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Slippery Concrete


Anti Skid Coating for garage ramps
Anti Slip for Pools

Underwater Antislip Coating

Steep Garage Ramps