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E500/5 Interlocking Flooring 5mm

Multipurpose Light Endurance Tile

Ecotile is an industrial flooring solution that can be installed with no downtime. Ideal for hard working businesses, Ecotile Flooring Ltd is an ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certified British company.

Why use the 5mm Interlocking Flooring?

  • Easy to maintain & clean

  • Excellent slip-resistance (R10)

  • Reduces worker fatigue

  • Ideal for uneven or damp floors

  • Expected lifespan of 20 + years

  • Quick & simple to install

  • No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

  • Fire retardant – Class Bfl S1

  • No additional toxic chemicals, 100% recyclable

Where Should I use the 6mm Clip Tile?

  • Stores and commercial premises

  • Offices

  • Entrance and lobby areas

  • Industrial catering premises

  • Foodstuff and chemical industries

  • Fair and showroom premises

  • Workshops

  • Basements and warehouses

  • Gyms and skiing centres

  • Hairdressing salons

At approximately 4.5mm thick, the 500/5 are the thinnest tiles produced by Ecolile, but are still quick and simple to install over any hard surface. The 5 mm tile is available in several colours and once installed, will create a tough and hardwearing floor finish that will help you to reduce dust and noise in your facility.

The 500/5 tile is designed for light duty applications, but can still withstand heavy foot traffic. Wheels and heavy items rolling over the floor may damage the tiles. In those cases, we recommend that you purchase a thicker tile.

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