Floor and Surface Cleaners

An effective surface cleaner can save you both time and effort when it comes to cleaning floors. Below are some of the best options we have found for every situation


Safe Kleen has a unique combination of surface-active agents, sequestrates and alkaline builders, this gives the product excellent cleaning abilities for the removal of dirt, grease, oil, and grime making it a truly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. For more information click here

Cleaning Sink

Virucidal Cleaner is a powerful disinfecting surface cleaner suitable for a wide range of applications, for more information click here

This heavy duty descaler is a fast acting, potent cleaner can be diluted at a ratio of 1 is to 25 parts water. Specialised for effectiveness on Calcium build up and the toughest of stains. Find out more here

Cleaning Materials

Degrease, Clean and Sanitise with this heavily dilutable cleaner, appropriate for floors, walls and most surfaces! For more information click here.

Boat Cleaning

A rust remover suitable for any metal surfaces - for more information click here