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Placing Ceramic Tiles

Floor Tiles

Elevate your space with our exceptional floor tiles, including non-slip ceramic tiles, luxurious natural stone tiles, and renowned brands like Eco Tile, Wala, and Bergo. Discover a range of colours, patterns, and textures to create a stylish and durable floor that reflects your unique taste. Transform your space with our quality tiles today.

Natural Stone & Porcelain Tiles


The ultimate choice for high-traffic public and commercial spaces. These porcelain stoneware tiles are perfect for industries with strict hygiene standards like pharmaceutical and food sectors. With exceptional durability, Technic tiles withstand acids, bases, corrosive agents, solvents, oils, and more. Available in various thicknesses, they handle heavy footfall, vibrations, impacts, humidity, frost, fire, and temperature fluctuations without compromise. The structured anti-slip surface ensures safety, eliminating slip hazards. Elevate your floors and walls with Technic tiles, combining reliability, resilience, and aesthetics in one remarkable solution.


Travertine, a versatile building material, is renowned for its durability and unique properties. Its inherent strength, combined with low planes of weakness, makes it ideal for various applications. With excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as remarkable lightweight properties, travertine is easy to work with.

When polished, dense travertine transforms into a stunning decorative stone, adding elegance to any space. Whether used as a façade material or for cladding, its strength and beauty shine through. Embrace the enduring charm of travertine, a timeless choice for architectural and design projects.


Amazzonia is the porcelain stoneware tile collection perfect for any surface both indoors and out. The excellent properties of Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware make these tiles extremely versatile. That’s why the Amazzonia collection is perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting and any style, whether classic, contemporary, urban chic, or minimalist.

These rectified stone-like tiles come with a natural finish for interiors and an anti-slip finish and 20 mm thickness for exteriors. They are the ideal choice for creating visual continuity and tiling terraces, patios, verandas, and turf or gravel walkways.


Hard Stone

Enhance pool areas, public gardens, and outdoor stairs with our durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Hard Stone, a preferred choice for heavily frequented pedestrian areas, delivers exceptional durability. Whether offered in a brushed or hammered finish, it excels in external public spaces, thanks to its remarkable hardness. With its robust nature, Hard Stone ensures longevity and resilience, standing up to the demands of high footfall areas. Embrace the strength and reliability of Hard Stone, the perfect solution for creating inviting and enduring outdoor spaces.

PVC Floor Tiles

At Advance Safety Solutions, we offer versatile PVC flooring tiles that provide a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution to address various flooring challenges in commercial and industrial settings. With our efficient manufacturing, prompt delivery, and exceptional customer service, we can swiftly supply and install your interlocking PVC floor tiles. Unlike epoxy resin and traditional industrial flooring options, our PVC tiles can be easily installed on any hard surface without specialized tools or adhesives, eliminating issues like cracks, delamination, and dust problems. With a solid reputation built over 10 years, we are committed to delivering quality, reliability, and transparency for your flooring needs.

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