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Safe Kleen

Safe Kleen multi purpose cleaner was originally developed as a pre-treatment and after care cleaning product for applications of Safe Grip Anti Slip Treatment. But due to the unique combination of surface active agents, sequestrants and alkaline builders the product has excellent cleaning abilities for the removal of dirt, grease, oil and grime making it a truly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. For more information click here


Zoono Disinfection

Zoono technology is not an antibiotic but it is a game-changing solution to reducing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from the environment, as the next generation of antimicrobial surface protection it continues to kill microorganisms for up to 30 days depending upon the application. The technology is also available as a hand sanitizer to provide residual protection. For more information click here


Industrial Steam Cleaning

Industrial pressure washing with up to 500 bar pressure and 155 degrees of steam/hot water able to clean any hard surface from years of pollution and dirt. Ideal for malls, car parks, pavements, or any type of industrial cleaning.


This Jet Blasting Industrial Washing technology offers unique steam jet blasting to clean with the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Bar Interior

Rust Remover

Tackle rust in minutes with our special rust remover. Rust can be a big problem in all sorts of different environments, from staircases to cars, signage to garden furniture, and everything in between. Fear not, however, 4Earth Cleaning Supplies have you covered.


4Earth Rust Remover tackles rust in minutes where other products may take hours.

WALA Product Range

WALA-Clip-Platte mit Ecke und Antritt 2.

WALA clip tiles enable quick and easy DIY laying. Therefore they are ideally suited as re-usable flooring at trade fair booths or in rental properties. The clip tile measures 500 x 500 x 6 mm.


WALA clip tiles enable quick and easy DIY laying. Therefore they are ideally suited for oil-stained, dirty or residual damp flooring due to integrated ligaments and cavities on the reverse side.. The clip tile measures 445 x 445 x 15 mm.


These Tiles are 500 x 500mm, with thickness levels available between 6 to 10mm, available in both smooth and grained textures. 


These tiles are completely bonded and then cold welded and heat-sealed, sealing the entire floor. Seams can even be colour-sealed to indicate different areas. Ideal for Restaurant kitchen refurbishment!


Easy staircase renovation – anti-slip and quiet. Unsightly steps can be easily covered over with our tiles (300 x 200x 180 mm) in a thickness of either 6 or 10 mm. The tiles can be customized to the required length and height.

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