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Acrylic concrete floor sealing

PICS High Solid Sealer (HSS) is a pre-mixed, colourless blend of high-grade acrylic resin polymers and aromatic solvents.


To impregnate a PICSPAVE slab and combine the benefits of curing, hardening, dust proofing and sealing.


When applying concrete floor sealer before and after

Special properties

  • Hardens & seals concrete permanently

  • Special blend of polymers do not soften in hot temperatures nor become brittle in freezing conditions

  • High viscosity ensures full penetration into the dense surface matrix creating a true in-surface seal (ISS)

  • Non-re-emulsifiable, non-blooming when wet

  • 100% inter-coat adhesion

  • Curing Agent – allows slab moisture emigration prior to reaching full hardness

  • Non-yellowing

  • Anti-carbonising agent

  • Mechanical bond with surface matrix prevents delamination

  • Tough, Durable and Hard Wearing

  • Designed for use with PICSPAVE to bring out and enhance the full depth of colour of the CSH (Colour Surface hardener) and RA (Release Agent).

  • Slip Resistant

  • Petrol, Diesel, Oil & Grease resistant


Application instructions

The slab must be fully surface dry after washing off (Protimeter 4.5 and below) and all traces of RA (Release Agent) removed by pressure washing and RAW (Release Agent Wash).

Brush slab to remove any dirt or debris.

Control joints must be cut prior to HSS application. HSS must be spray applied using a pressure spray unit equipped with VITONTM seals and solvent resistant hose and body. Apply in two equal applications, keeping sprayer head moving to avoid pooling. The first application must be brushed into the surface and allowed to dry past tacky prior to applying the second coat.

Avoid application in strong, direct sunlight – do not apply if rain is likely within 3 hours of application.

Approximate coverage

4 to 6m2 per litre per application – two applications required.

Application of concrete floor sealing
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