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Bergo Multisport Tile

Multipurpose High Endurance Tile

It has a straight-line, open pattern with a distinctive character, providing an attractive environment. 
Its multifunctional properties can solve flooring problems both indoors and out; everything from wooden floors to damp or mould-affected changing rooms and bathroom floors. 

Why use Bergo?

  • Withstand all climates and environments

  • Ventilating

  • Sound absorbing

  • Movable

  • Slip reducing

  • Shock absorbant

  • Correct bounce across the whole court

  • Extremely durable

  • Excellent drainage capability

Where Should I use the Multisport Tile?

  • Sports Centres

  • Patios

  • Tennis Courts

  • Football Pitches

  • Spas and Saunas

  • Pools

  • Shower areas and utility rooms

  • Exhibition halls

  • Walkways, etc

These tiles are 100% recyclable as a raw material, again and again, and can ultimately be incinerated with no environmentally-harmful emissions.


All floors within the System 2-floors have an interlocking system with integrated expansion capacity, which makes it easy to install our floors in environments with fluctuating temperatures. All floor tiles within the System 2-floors can also be combined, which allows you to devise your own individual look and functionality, e.g. an open pattern in certain places and solid in others.

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