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How Can Zoono Help in Schools?

When we look at the Education sector, we will find many different establishments that fall under this category, including daycare, elementary and secondary education, universities, trade schools, learning centers and many more.

One thing they all have in common is the need for hygiene and cleanliness to be upheld as a top priority if they are to be able to function properly. In fact when you have hundreds, and in certain cases even thousands of people using the same facilities within enclosed environments brings about certain risks for viral and bacterial transmission.

These microbes are usually passed on either directly from one person to another or through what we refer to as touch points. A touch point can be defined as a surface area which is interacted with by multiple people, be it staff or students multiple times a day, where bacteria is most likely to be spread.

A few examples of common touch points are light switches, doorknobs, tv remotes, railings, elevator buttons, lunch rooms, desks and chairs, the back of the chairs being one of the most overlooked touch points, as while it is used by everyone that sits on that very chair, it is not thought of as an unhygienic surface that needs to be sanitised or cleaned often.

If we take the example of a regular secondary school, it is not practical to sanitize each and every one of the above mentioned surfaces in each classroom, each time a new set of students have to change over, as this can happen multiple times in a day.

Gastrointestinal diseases, for example, are common, very contagious and can be severe. They are a significant cause of school absenteeism (for both students and staff alike). An outbreak can even lead to school closures and cause major disruptions for all members of the community.

How can Zoono Help?

First of all, Zoono is Mechanically based rather than biologically, meaning no harmful chemicals are used, making the product Non-toxic, non-staining & alcohol free.

Zoono is an advanced residual antimicrobial technology that uses a water-based solution applied to surfaces by a misting or topical application. Once the water evaporates, a microscopic layer of ‘spikes’ are left behind. These spikes attract, pierce and rupture the cell walls of organisms that come into contact with the surface.

The Zoono pins rupture the cell wall to such an extent that they cause irreparable damage through a process is called ‘lysis’ – a principle similar to that of a pin popping a balloon. Therefore just as it’s impossible to gather up the pieces of a balloon once popped, the same applies to these microorganisms.

The reason Zoono is such a breakthrough in sanitization technology is its long lasting effects. While most surface disinfectants last up to 2 hours, the Zoono Microbe Shield lasts for up to 30-days, allowing for massive labour savings to keep areas free from the reproduction of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and yeasts.

Zoono technology is not only food safe but safe for use within critical hygiene areas such as child care, kitchens and lunch rooms, toilets, medical facilities and gyms. In fact, it has a similar “toxicity” rating to Vitamin C and PH level of that of Orange Juice.

Another product in the Zoono arsenal is the GermFree24 hand sanitizer. Whilst most alcohol based hand sanitizers are more effective at killing germs than using soaps alone, they have the disadvantage of having short term effects.

This is because once the sanitizer evaporates it does not leave any residual effect – in other words, there is no ability to kill any new bacterial landing on the hands once it has dried. Therefore the instant that your hands come into contact with anything, be it a smartphone, money, keys, utensils, keyboard or anything else that has not been previously sanitized, fresh contamination occurs. This means that in order to remain sanitized, people would require multiple applications of the sanitizers at multiple intervals throughout the day.

However with the Zoono Hand sanitizer, protection lasts longer than traditional hand sanitizers due to the layer that is formed over the skin, giving you a 24 hour protection that can only be removed by exfoliation. This would mean that one single application can be equated to 10+ applications of alcohol and other liquid based sanitizers. Find out more about our GermFree24 on the link below

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