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PVC Tiling & Safety Flooring

When a building is new everything looks good and smells lovely. Over time this changes; soft flooring including carpets and vinyl become stained, unpleasant and contaminated with germs. Hard flooring becomes cracked and damaged, and in many cases is not safe to walk on as any anti-slip coatings have been eroded.


Our German Manufacturer Wala Floorings
WALA-Floor floor slabs provide an extremely durable and functional floor solution for various applications including public premises, Schools, warehouses, industrial facilities, and fair premises.

The delivery is quick and is followed by efficient and careful installation. We will install floor slabs either as a floating floor or, if the floor is to be water-tight, with adhesive.


Our UK Manufacturer Ecotile Flooring
Ecotile commercial flooring products offer complete flexibility, great design and a wide range of customizable colours and designs, suitable for both heavy industrial as well as commercial settings. We can incorporate your logo and multiple zonal and demarcation lines to make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Durable and tough; Installed with no downtime and suitable for constant forklift traffic!

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Our Swedish Manufacturer Bergo Outdoor PVC Tiling
Bergo is active within five business areas: Home, Public, Event, Sport and Marine, Making them the world leader in multifunctional floor tiles. 

A brand new concept of floor tiles for public indoor areas. Make your own design from a photo or choose from our fancy collection. The concept Top Tile can be installed where other types of flooring fail – on cold, damp and uneven surfaces.