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…by creating cleaner and safer, work, study and care environments

PVC Flooring Solutions

An alternative to ceramic tiles, PVC floors have a variety of benefits when compared. They can take weight without breaking, they insulate, they
are ergonomic, sound insulating, chemically resistant, fire retardant, have good anti-slip resistance and are easy to clean and maintain.


PVC flooring is one of the safest, most durable and above all, sustainable floor choices.

Why the use if PVC?

• Resistant to oils, fats and a variety of alkalis.
• Slip-resistant, chemical-resistant, liquid-tight.
• Forklift-proof, impact-resistant and shock-proof. Flame retardant.
• Quiet: Impact sound-absorbing effect.
• Sound Absorbing No more rattling when metal parts fall.
• Insulating: The material makes the floor warm to the feet.
• Ergonomic: The panels have a high degree of elasticity, which is gentle on the joints.
• Hygienic/easy to clean (complies with HACCP guidelines)
• Non-slip, even when wet
• Wear-resistant and robust, even with intensive use with trolleys, forklifts or trucks


WALA-Floor floor slabs provide an extremely durable and functional floor solution for various applications including Public spaces, schools/nurseries, warehouses, comercial & industrial facilities, exhibiton stands and garages/private homes. The delivery is quick and is followed by efficient and careful installation. We will install or DIY floor slabs either as a floating floor or, if the floor is to be water-tight, with adhesive.


Ecotile commercial flooring products offer complete flexibility, great design and a wide range of customizable colours and designs, suitable for both heavy industrial as well as commercial settings. 


Durable and tough; Installed with no downtime and suitable for constant forklift traffic!

bergo_public_tiles (w1200_h700_q85_c_u).

Bergo is active within five business areas: Home, Public, Event, Sport and Marine. Making them the world leader in multifunctional floor tiles. 
A brand new concept of floor tiles for public outdoor areas. Make your own design from a photo or choose from our fancy collection. 

Natural Stone


Non-Slip Ceramic Tiles


Natural Stone

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