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Sherwin Williams - Seamless Paint

Seamless Wall Coating

The coating will provide a textured gloss finish incorporating an anti-slip aggregate which is pre-dispersed within the material, making it appropriate for both floors and walls.

Can be applied by a roller or paint brush, the product is a low odour producing, seamless, hard wearing, hygienic floor finish and domestic safety.

Why should you choose this paint - 

■ UV stable.

■ Solvent-free.

■ Silica free.

■ Superb adhesion.

■ Hard wearing.

■ Hygienic and easily cleaned.

■ Seamless Glass texture

Where can this product be applied?

  • Food production environments.

  • Pharmaceutical areas.

  • Hospitals.

  • Prisons.

  • Police Cells.

  • Factory units.

  • Warehouses.

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