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Stair Safety

Falls on stairs account for over 60% of slip, trip and fall accidents in buildings and can result due to a number of complex interacting factors, from sick leave to long and costly court cases it is better to take a proactive approach in mitigating these risks. Therefore it is recommended that employers take the necessary measures in their workplaces in order to protect their employees from slip, trip and fall hazards on any walking/working surface.

Unfortunately, there are minimal safe stair design and construction principles within building regulations; however the following factors are important to consider when it comes to Stair Safety: 

  • The visibility of the stairway

  • The slip resistance

  • Suitable handrails

  • The dimensional geometry of the stairs


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Below we have listed 3 suggestions when it comes to increasing the levels of safety of your stairs, mainly focusing on increasing the slip resistance and increasing the visibility of any staircase:


Old and cracked staircases no longer need to be completely knocked down for a refurbishment. With our multiple Stair nosing brands and models to choose from, we can not only bring you the best slip and skid prevention, but we are also focused on blending in and complementing  all environments. For more information click here


Crosscote is designed to repair, protect and enhance existing structures, has good wear-resistant properties, and provides excellent slip resistance. Therefore it can be applied to the edge of stairs to provide a safer surface. For more information as well as images click here

Non Slip Tape.jpg

We offer and install a vast range of safety tapes including but not limited to abrasive and non-abrasive anti-slip tape, conformable anti-slip tape, reflective tape, glow-in-the-dark tape, nonslip fabric, marine anti-slip tape, PermaStripe, PermaRoute, and more. Please view the product range here

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