Bergo Product Range

Unique Tile

With an area of: 380 x 380 mm and a thickness of tile: 10,3 mm, this tile is the strongest floor tile within the System 2-floors.

Available in multiple colours, the Unique tiles multifunctional properties can solve most flooring problems both indoors and out, its design allows for drainage capability, ventilation for the floor underneath all the while being comfortable in bare feet even in the hottest of days. For more information click here.

Soft Tile

The Bergo Soft tile is made of 100% environmentally friendly, FDA-approved, antibacterial, recyclable and UV-stabilized polyethylene. Each floor tile is 38 x 38 cm, has a height of 10.3 mm and is available in a large range of colours.

This tiling is ideal for public spaces in changing rooms, showers, pool areas, gyms and wet humid environments where the tiling needs to stay in place in order to provide safety and comfort. For more information click here.


Multisport Tile

This tile has been developed to withstand tough conditions both indoors and out. It has multi-functional properties that enable rapid draining of rainwater, require minimal maintenance and is easy to install.

Available in a multitude of colours, it is comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet in the summer and is shock absorbent, easing the impact for high intensity sports. For more information click here.

Bar Interior

XL Tile