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Ecotile Product Range


This is the entry level version of the Ecotile interlocking floor tile range and is designed for commercial, domestic and light industrial applications. At approximately 4.5mm thick, these are the thinnest tiles in their range, but are still quick and simple to install over any hard surface.

It is available in several colours and once installed, will create a tough and hardwearing floor finish that will help you to reduce dust and noise in your facility. For more information click here

2016-10-25 11.29.24.jpg

This original loose lay interlocking floor tile is approximately 7.6mm  thick and designed with an open dovetail joint which allows the tiles to interlock easily. This tile is ideal for heavy vehicle and forklift  traffic and is a durable floor covering that can withstand high point loading, impact and vibration.  For more information click here.


These ultra-heavy duty interlocking floor tiles are exceptionally tough and resistant to impact, heavy loads and high traffic movements. They are 10mm thick, designed to be loose laid and therefore quick and simple to install.

These can be used to repair and protect busy warehouse and factory flooring where access time is limited. They are  the tile to specify if you have any concerns about the loads that will be travelling across the floor or the levels of impact they will be subject to. For more information click here.

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