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Ultra Shield - Armour technology for your Floors

A leader in flooring Solutions


Ultra Shield is an American leading manufacturer and distributor of floor care products, focusing on providing quality at an affordable cost. 


Ultra Shield is committed to providing effective, reliable, and cost cutting products to improve and maintain the durability and appearance of your floors. 


Their longstanding Vision is to be at the forefront of technological advancements in floor care, with a Research and Development team that is always looking to stay one step ahead of the most progressive trends in the industry. 


Ultra Shield’s revolutionary floor protection and enhancement products are recommended for all high traffic retail and commercial environments. It is designed to strengthen all acrylic floor finishes, creating a wet look while making surfaces non-slip. All products have been tested and regulated to be safe for the environment as well as the end-user.

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Ultra Shield's Tuff-Shine is an exceptional blend of polymers, detergents and gloss enhancers that cleans, conditions, protects and beautifies in one single step. Formulated to both clean and shine todays new age flooring. Tuff-Shine removes the toughest dirt and grime while leaving behind a thin protective film that protects the floors from getting dull and beaten up.

Burnishing Formula

Ultra Shield Burnishing Formula will strengthen all acrylic floor finishes and produce durability never before imagined. It has been proven in the field to create a lustrous “wet look” shine that is non-slip and very safe. 

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Armor Guard Protector

A High performance floor coating that has excellent stain, scuff, and scratch resistance and requires minimal maintenance. Armor Guard Protector uses proprietary Nano-Particulate Xpolymer Technology (NPXT) to produce a surface that is up to 7 times more resistant to scratching & abrasion than traditional acrylic floor finishes. Creating a surface that resists water, stains and dirt. This provides finished floors that are easily cleaned by dusting and wet mopping - leaving behind a clean, smooth floor with a beautiful shine.

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