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WALA Rabbet Tile


Sealed and Seamless Tiling

WALAstic rabbet tiles are completely bonded and then cold welded and heat-sealed. The flooring is entirely sealed.

Seams can be colour-sealed to indicate different areas.

Measures: 500 x 500 mm
Thickness: 6 / 10 mm

Tip: Can be laid in a floating manner and then cold welded and heat-sealed!

  • No downtime: Installation during on-going production.

  • Refurbishment on all stable subfloors.

  • No setting time: instantly load-resistant.

  • Modular repairs easily done by replacing individual tiles.



  • Resistant to oil, grease and a variety of leaches.

  • WALAstic industrial flooring has an anti-slip effect, is chemical-resistant, impervious to fluids.

  • Forklift resistant, impact and shockproof. Flame-resistant.

  • Quiet: footfall sound absorption.

  • No more clanging noises from falling metal objects.

  • Insulating: the material has an insulating effect which means that the floor is warm underfoot.

  • Ergonomic: the tiles have a high elasticity that proves friendly on your joints

Application areas

  • Industrial facilities

  • Workshops

  • Storage areas

  • Farms

  • Exhibition halls

  • Large garages

  • Basements

  • Animal shelters

  • Chemical industry

  • Commercial kitchens

  • and many more…


Coloured markings


Pictogram & Logos

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