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WALA Rabbet Tile Accessories 


Easy staircase - anti-slip and quiet

Worn or old steps are not only unsightly, they can also quickly become dangerous. This can lead to tripping hazards or to the steps becoming slippery. A comprehensive staircase renovation is often not contemplated as it normally involves not only high costs but also intensive labour.

Why use the Stair Tile?

  • High-quality

  • Resilient

  • Anti-slip effect

  • Sound absorbent

  • Ergonomic

  • Easy installation

Where Should I use the Stair Tile?

  • Residential buildings

  • Office buildings

  • Cellar staircases

  • Warehouses

  • Bars and Night Clubs

  • Multi-storey car parks

  • and many more…

Coloured Welding Strips

Coloured strips for sealing tiles can be used to highlight pathways, dangerous areas. working areas or even to highlight stairs.

Wall & Corner Covings

WALAstic rabbet tiles are completely bonded and then cold-welded and heat-sealed. The flooring is entirely sealed. Seams can be color-sealed to indicate different areas.

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