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Advanced Safety Solutions Malta has been set up to combat the ever-growing problem of slip and fall accidents that are happening on a daily basis and that affects people both at home and at their place of work. 

We have partnered with European companies that has a proven track record and 25 years experience in this field manufacturing a range of products for improving the safety of walked on surfaces 

European Partners
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In Malta as anywhere else many accidents happen when they are least expected making the need of a solution immediate and important. It is estimated that 15 percent of the accidents reported and treated at our local hospitals and clinics are due to slips and falls and in many cases, these result in broken bones and long term recovery. Needless to say this would reflect in lost man hours at work as well as discomfort and inconvenience at home.


Edward Magro
Founder and Principal

Edward Magro is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Safety Solutions. Edward also serves as a board member With several years of experience in the tourism and property sector he expanded his business by importing a variety of international brands directed towards advanced safety.


Maxi Johnson
Business Development

Maxi Johnson is our Business Development Manager in Malta with extensive and proven experience in managing activities, strategies, key accounts, and customer-focused initiatives in challenging regional safety sales.


Ian Duncan
Project Manager

Ian Duncan is a British citizen with dual Maltese nationality. Ian is an experienced Project Manager with extensive knowledge of overseas tourism operations and is an expert within the education sector with a broad operational understanding of strategic planning, scheduling, and logistics.


Marica Johnson Grima
Business Partner

Marica Johnson Grima is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the safety industry. Skilled in communications and project management. Strong sales professional with a focus on corporate and domestic safety.