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What can you do if you are injured at the workplace?

By means of Legal notice 44 of 2002, the Workplace (Minimum Health and Safety Requirements) Regulation stipulates that all suitable measures are to be taken to render slip proof any highly polished surface and that the public areas of a building are to be maintained in order to prevent injury, including slips. Therefore the workplace and areas accessed by the general public are legally required to protect users from slips, trips or falls.

The consequences of a trip or a slip may range from no consequence to the death of the person. If it is proved that someone or a company is responsible for the trip or slip, then the injured party has a right to claim damages. Although Maltese law does not allow moral damages, the law does allow compensation for loss of earnings and expenses incurred as a consequence of the injury incurred or the damage to the property.

​For questions or claims on slip and fall accidents, we suggest contacting Malcolm Mifsud, of Mifsud & Mifsud Advocates -

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