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ECO Tiles

Ecotile tile.png

Ecotile, a flooring solution manufactured in the United Kingdom, offers an industrial option that can be installed without interrupting your business operations. It is a cost-efficient and easily maintained floor tile that interlocks, addressing various flooring issues and business obstacles.




Unlike epoxy resin, floor paint, and traditional industrial flooring, our interlocking PVC tiles offer a remarkably simple installation process on any solid surface without the need for specialized tools, prior technical expertise, or adhesives. These tiles effectively eliminate issues like cracked and brittle resin flooring, peeling paint, dust accumulation, and moisture problems. Preparing the existing floor requires minimal effort, and there's no waiting for curing or drying – you can simply lay the tiles while your business continues to operate as usual.


Over the last 25 years, we've earned an outstanding reputation based on our commitment to quality, reliability, and transparency. We stand out as the sole manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles holding a comprehensive set of quality certifications and maintaining stringent quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Forward-thinking clients such as BMW, Royal Mail, and Rolls Royce are opting for Ecotile because they prioritize creating low-maintenance, efficient workspaces for their employees and safe, intelligent areas for their customers.

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