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Stair Nosing

Novopeldaño - Your Stair Nosing Solution

This product can be used as the step edge for any kind of tile surface, avoiding any break and offer an excellent finish.

They are compatible with any tile collection, size, wide or color. And most of they are recommended as well as cooking top edge.

They are available in different design, colour and materials to offer different solution to any kind of construction and places: commercial areas, swimming pool, houses.

By using Stair Nosing products you are proving to your staff, visitors and the general public that you're taking their safety seriously.


Why Should You Use Stairnosing?

  • Nosing provides a larger surface area to step on, which makes walking up and down much easier.

  • Stair nosing helps protect the most exposed areas of the stair thread from damage and general wear.

  • In the case of marble, granite or concrete stairs this is especially important as thread may chip or break if heavily used.

  • The stair nosing can provide extra safety to your staircase, as slipping on a broken or damaged stair can lead to fatal consequences.


Novopeldaño® Safety

Increasing the value of slip resistance to any staircase, this stair nosing is installed after tiling and is Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian foot traffic. With a Certified R13 non slip rating, it complies with the European DIN 51130 standard.

Images can be found below and all the technical data can be found here!


Novopeldaño® 5

A metallic finish for steps that avoids damages, is easy to place, is slip and skid proof and an ideal coverup for protecting old or damaged steps. 

Made from Aluminium, all the technical data can be found here!

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