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Resilent Tape

Heskins Aqua-Safe & non-abrasive anti slip tape range have a unique non slip coating to ensure an effective non slip flooring, yet has a smoother surface for walking bare foot on and no abrasion to prevent damage to skin, material or wet suits. Non-slip flooring in a wet or marine environment has always been a challenge, yet with Heskins Aqua-Safe you can easily obtain a good non-slip surface with our non-abrasive non-slip tape. This non-slip safety flooring is ideal for use in food safety areas, due to its lack of abrasive peaks and valleys and is a unique product.


The product is ideal for use on any wet areas as a non-slip surface, suitable for use as non-slip bathroom flooring on tiles or as a non-slip surface round swimming pools, hot tubs and even on boats. Because it is not abrasive, it can also be easily cleaned, making it suitable for areas with strict hygiene regulations.

Resilient tape

Resilient tape has levels of grip that were previously only obtainable with an abrasive mineral top coating.

H3408 Resilient anti slip tape has a feel to it that is more like rubber than plastic, this rubber effect not only makes it appealing to the touch but also gives it exceptional levels of grip. Grip is measured by the coefficient of friction (CoF), a higher CoF figure means that the chance of slipping is lower. To achieve the high CoF level for Resilient we changed the embossing pattern of the upper surface and added certain ingredients. Resilient tape is perfect for barefoot applications, its soft touch does not abrade skin and will not harm materials if they happen to rub on it, unlike an abrasive product.

Resilient non-slip tape is highly water-resistant, the adhesive is not aqueous-based so will not readily breakdown in water and the upper non-slip surface is impervious to water if applied correctly it will work perfectly on boats, showers, marine applications etc.


Resilient tape is a great value and economical non-abrasive non-slip material, as we produce the product in a wide width we can easily cut down to whatever shape or width is required, please enquire for more information. Resilient is a highly flexible material that can bend around 90° fractures.

Coarse resilient tape

Coarse resilient tape is perfect for areas that need a non-slip surface, however, it is perfect for barefoot traffic and areas exposed to water, such as gym washrooms, swimming pools and boats. Due to coarse resilient being waterproof and non-abrasive, it will cater to both of these.

Coarse resilient anti slip tape is an embossed plastic film, which while being non-abrasive still possesses high levels of CoF (coefficient of friction). Using the embossing technique on most of our non-abrasive materials, this creates an excellent surface texture which has high levels of CoF. Using a technique of micro blowing while the material is still molten can create deep troughs and valleys, which can increase levels of CoF. A deeper pattern allows for less clogging by contaminants such as dust, ice, water etc.

Coarse resilient tape is available in 3 different variants:



The base film for this is manipulated to give it a finish which is extremely similar to rubber, not only giving it great non-slip properties, but the inherent softness also gives it holding properties. Whilst the peaks and valleys are not so sharp, the features of the material make up for this to give it a fantastic CoF.



The base film on H3450 and H3451 have not been manipulated so much, but this ensures that sharper peaks and valleys can be produced during the embossing process, as firmer plastics retain a complex pattern much more easily. This allows for excellent CoF levels, that create fantastic slip prevention in water or in moist conditions.


This is our lean coarse resilient.

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